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When you're charged with a crime or under criminal investigation, you're facing serious consequences. These consequences can affect every aspect of your life. You need an experienced, aggressive, and effective lawyer by your side. When you choose us, that's exactly what you'll get.

• Assault, manslaughter, and murder

• Burglary and arson

• Child abuse and kidnapping

• Credit abuse and fraud

• Criminal mischief, indecent exposure, and prostitution

• DWI, DUI, and drug cases/charges

• Expungements and non-disclosures

• Fraud, and credit abuse

• Indecent exposure and prostitution

• Injury to a child and child abuse

• Kidnapping

• Manslaughter, murder, and assault

• Misdemeanors and felonies

• Probation violations

• Resisting arrest and evading arrest

• Robbery, theft, and criminal trespass

• Traffic tickets


• Weapons charges and organized crime

Criminal defense practice areas

• Truancies

• Misdemeanors and felonies

Juvenile defense

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CPS cases

• Terminations

• Investigations

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